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Fall Tractor work

Some last minute fall work today as the weather is to turn cold and wet, with early snowfall. So today I put on my gardens  compost from my steamy pile of a mixture of horse manure, seaweed, wood chips, local coffee shop coffee grounds and  and household compost.

And getting a few more buckets of firewood was essential, as it looks like we are in for a cold wet winter from now on .

The Whole Field is Trenched now for Drainage

Farm Improvements: Drainage.

This summer, our son Alex and his partner Virginie have taken a year off for their Wind-whipped Farm , “the Local Food Box Project,”  to improve infrastructure for their farming business. This week it has been the excavation of their garden area for the installation of weeping tile for drainage. The purpose is to allow them to get on the land a month or two earlier in the spring. I took this set of photos to show the extent of the job. It gave us a great opportunity to have a “window into the underground”, and see what the glaciers left 10,000 years ago.

The Cranberry Bog

In the spring I purchased one cranberry plant from a local nursery and kept it in the greenhouse over the summer.

2015-09-29 cranrootingjpgm

It sprouted runners which I embedded in soil in smaller pots around the mother plant. I ended up with 13 pots with multiple new plants  per pot.


By the end of September, the mother plant had produced 3 berries and many extra plants.


I dug a small depression above my pond waterfalls, and lined it with old underlay and liner from the previous spillway of the pond.

I made the floor level by flooding it with water and then cutting down the high spots underneath.

I made the floor level by flooding it with water and then cutting down the high spots underneath.


The tractor bucket filled the depression with fertile soil and peat moss.

The finished bog planted for next year's cranberry crop. (Theoretically!)

The finished bog planted for next year’s cranberry crop. (Theoretically!) An embedded 5cm drain pipe which will allow overflow to the pond will prevent the soil eroding from the structure.

Redesign of the waterworks at the Pond

I was never happy with the fountain I had constructed originally when I built the pond. It was more or less a temporary solution.  So last week I decided to redo it.

Digging the path through where the old waterfall was to make what will be a series of 5 waterfalls at the north end of the pool.
The underlying piping infrastructure. Included are a 2″ intake from the pond, a 2″ intake for winter intake from surface water flowing down the south side of the property, a line to three 3/4′ output pipes to spray water back into the pond, a 3”drain for winter water input from the field above the pond, an electrical line from the pump motor leading to an outdoor plugin above the pond, and a water input line to supply evaporative loss from the pond when the two upper storage tanks from winter rains run out. .
The pipes are all covered now and concrete dams are built. Today some final stone placement is left to do before the cascade through the 5 pools for the water entry to the pond is finished. The orange level is to try to keep the lips of each pool horizontal.

The spillway outlet for the pond originally ran out the south end of the pond and this work is on the North end. Now it remains to remove the rocks from the old spillway, install a 4 inch  underground drain, and backfill the trench and lower pumping pond.


Water line to upper field trees and a post-pounder solution.

I extended the water line in the upper field so that it provides two closer outlets for watering fruit, pine nuts and other trees ( fewer hoses to drag around)