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..details of what specific materials you seek to use. ( include URL of the file from the website).
..outline for what purpose they will be used.
..define the distribution methods you will use
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..if there is any commercial aspect to your use of our materials; provide details.

..Agree to provide feedback on the nature, extent and use of the materials.


Q. May I print text or images from these websites out for my report, or use them in my classroom?
Answer. Assuming this is a non-commercial academic work, and you are a teacher or student, yes. This type of use is encouraged as long as you contact me and the source is acknowledged.
Q. May I put these on a CD-ROM, for sale in the public domain or otherwise without compensation?
Answer. No.
Q. May I use images or materials on a web site. Answer: No, but you may link my files or images with permission to educational websites.

Q. May I link to the web site
Answer: I welcome relevant non-commercial educational links. Please contact me for approval.
For permission to use materials from the website, please contact: Garry Fletcher
Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis and approvals are not transferable to other individuals or organisations.